Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This weekend was a good long, independent and relatively good behaved weekend!

Things started out a little crazy on Friday when we took the kids to Panera Bread (their favorite, Henry's choice). It got much better when Meg came up with the idea of having them eat at their own table. It was very cute. Afterwards we took the kids to a local school park. There Henry voluntarily sat in the big kid swing and pumped! It was very relaxing to be out at the time, twilight, with them. Our time was a big contrast to the last frustration filled, scream-fest we had their a few weeks back.

On Saturday I took the kids out to do some errands. They were pretty good, except the checkout line at the grocery store was extremely chaotic. Curses to those evil people who put temptations in those lanes. At one moment I found Hazel climbing up a store display (she'll be the one who topples over some large display of paper towels or cans one of these days) and then as we were just about done she got stuck somehow in between the cart and the side of the lane and started screaming. She was fine, but scared. It didn't sound or look good. We had to rush out of there with her sobbing. Only when I got her seated in the car did I realize she was a bleeding a bit! Poor girl! In the afternoon cousin Liam came over for some nice, quiet playing while Nicole, Meg and I visited (Hazel was napping). "Let's make a traffic jam!," I overheard Henry saying to Liam. Liam replied, "no let's do good guys and bad guys with these cars." Henry later said, "Let's play car show. This one was made in 1967." Meg did a great deal of edging and mulching and I was able to repair some railroad tie edging with our neighbor's sledge hammer. Henry and Hazel were very into helping with a little hammer.

My folks watched the kids on Sunday while Meg and I went to church before we four drove out to Uncle Brian's and Aunt Heather's house. Henry was very please to cross over numerous railroad tracks and spot countless old cars. At the party the kids behaved very well, were very agreeable with sunscreen, enjoyed the pool for a bit and got to run and round and entertain for a good long while. We got home late. Henry was very interested in the night time. "Is it night time yet?" "Are other people still out?" "Have Jess and Tim ever been out this late?" (that last one was my favorite)

Monday was a survival day for us. With a terrible night of sleep for Hazel we knew just getting through the day anyway we could would be a victory. It was better than that though. In the morning I took the kids back to the same park on Friday. Henry used the big kid swing again (it wasn't a fluke!) and so did Hazel! It was her first time on the big kid swing. Henry and I were very proud. We went to Dunkin' Donuts and came back to the house for naps. BOTH kids took naps and then we went to a BBQ at my sister's house.

This morning Hazel did a bunch of puzzles all by herself and kept saying, "I did it!" and after I left Meg just told me:

Just now, Henry was drawing. Representational drawing. A pumpkin, a blueberry bush, and an art museum. All his idea. Vaguely recognizable. Wow, first the swinging, now the drawing!

It's not all independence just yet. I still can't believe that at 5:45AM this morning Henry called out to me, "Dad, my blankets are down," but we're making progress!

8,000 half dollars turned up thirteen 40% silver halves (1965, 3 x 1966, 1967, 6 x 1968D, 2 x 1969D) and five colorized halves (Maryland, Mississippi, Vermont, New York and Obama).

18,850 pennies rounded up eighty-nine Wheats, one hundred thirty-nine Canadians, two Euro 1¢, one Euro 2¢ and ten US dimes.

1915D, 1923, 1930, 1935, 1936(3)