Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday ... Gold!

It's been a while since I last posted (internet troubles, vacation days, etc.) ... my apologies.

Last weekend we went to my in-laws to celebrate Hazel's 2nd birthday. Here are some good pictures of our weekend.

Pops rigged up two canoes so that they could be towed by his lawn mower. This was a particular favorite of Henry and Hazel's.

Nonnie made a super two Elmo cake (or as Hazy would call it, "Three Elmo!").

Hazel and Henry opened gifts really well again.

Pops won more praise from Henry and Hazel by letting them cruise around (in the yard) on the back of his Miata. Hazel and Henry looked as if they were parade luminaries.

On Sunday morning Pops, Henry, Hazel and I went to a local car show, a big local car show. It was an excellent idea. Hazel had the most fun crawling into this big 2½ ton truck. Henry didn't want to go in it for some reason and Hazel didn't want to leave it.

Henry had tons of fun taking photographs at the show. He probably took over a hundred on two cameras. Hazel was part of the picture taking action too, but she doesn't press the button much.

Here's a supper coin post ...

215 small dollars had one proof dollar (2006S).

8,068 halves turned up nine 40% silver halves (2 x 1965, 2 x 1966, 3 x 1967, 2 x 1968D) and one proof half (1994S).

17,220 quarters rounded up three silver Washingtons (1951S, 1964, 1964D), twenty Canadians, ninety-five US nickels (a dubious record!), one Princess Cruises token, one South Korean 100 Won, one French franc, four UK 10 pence, six US dimes, one Bermuda 25¢, one Swiss 20 Rappen and three new modern ones for me, 2011D Gettysburg, 2012D Chaco Culture and 2012P Acadia.

9,500 dimes yielded eight silver Rosies (1946, 1952D, 1960, 1961D, 1963, 2 x 1963D), one proof (1989S), seventeen Canadians, one UK 5 pence, five US pennies, two US nickels, two Bermuda 10¢ and one Netherlands 25¢.

5,360 nickels got me two Buffaloes (Unknown, 1935), four War Times (3 x 1943P, 1945P), one proof (1977S), seventeen Canadians, eleven US dimes, one Trinidad & Tobago 25¢ one Bermuda 5¢ and one Italian 50¢ (1997). It had been last November when I last found a proof nickel. Always good to get a new one!

22,150 pennies roped in one hundred seventeen Wheats, one hundred thirty-two Canadians, one proof (1968S), one Brazil 10¢, one Euro 1¢, three Bermuda 1¢, five US dimes and one washer.

1918, 1921, 1925, 1928, 1929(2), 1936(2), 1939(2)

... and best of all by far ... at the coin counter today, in the reject bin I found a mass of rejected coins. Besides the typical Canadian, British, Mexican and Euro coins I found what is now my best find (by dollar value) ever!! It's a $5 US gold piece from 1908. When I snagged it my knees started shaking and I was nervously excited for probably 20 minutes afterwards. It's worth more than twice my other gold coin (the previous #1). The condition of it is pretty good too. I really like the unique (for a US coin, I think) incuse design of it.