Monday, June 18, 2012

This past weekend was a good Father's Day for me! On Saturday Meg and I did some work on a house for Habitat for Humanity. We did it along with about twelve other parishioners of our church. My folks watched the kids while we did it. Meg painted and caulked while I screwed in sub-flooring. Henry and Hazel were taken out for breakfast, got to go to Klem's and played at the house.

The kids were on good behavior for the weekend. :) We even got to have a decent family dinner out at Panera Bread. On Sunday we went to church and then the afternoon went to a local park. Meg made a really tasty new Moroccan dish. For Father's Day I got a picture of the kids and Meg to hang on my wall at work, a neat card from Henry (picture forthcoming) and a paperweight from Hazel (picture forthcoming).

225 small dollars had one mint set dollar (2002P) and one Canadian (a new one for me, the 2011).

8,000 halves produced two 90% silver halves (1964, 2007S-Ag), one hundred four 40% silver halves (4 x 1965, 25 x 1966, 30 x 1967, 28 x 1968D, 15 x 1969D) and one proof half (2007S-Ag). The 2007S-Ag is the first modern silver proof half I've found since May 2009!

720 quarters had nothing.

1,400 dimes rounded up two Canadians, two UK 5 pence and one Euro 1¢.

200 nickels had nothing.

20,100 pennies yielded eighty-six Wheats, one hundred twenty-three Canadians, ten US dimes, one Bahamas 1¢ and one Italian 5¢ (1927). The Italian coin is a pretty cool one as it is quite old for a foreign coin.

1915, 1919(2), 1935