Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm having problems with my camera right now so I can't put up some cute wedding pictures we have. Hopefully I can put them up soon. It should be the batteries and hopefully it's not because Hazel dropped it last night.

100 small dollars had nothing.

8,000 half dollars produced two 90% silver halves (1957D, 1964), fourteen 40% silver halves (1966, 7 x 1967, 4 x 1968D, 2 x 1969D) and two proof halves (1977S, 1980S).

2,080 quarters yielded one Canadian, one US nickel and one Moroccan 1 Dirham.

1,950 dimes rounded up one silver Rosie (1963D) and three Canadians.

1,080 nickels got me one War Time (1945P) and one Canadian (1 Ni).

21,050 pennies had two hundred eighty-three Wheats (including one Steelie), one hundred thirty-two Canadians, four US dimes and one Panama 1¢.

1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1925(3), 1927(2), 1929(2), 1930(3), 1931, 1934(3), 1936, 1937(3), 1939(3)

I also came across some good coins in the reject bin of a coin counter and one the floor of Costco, a 1905 Liberty head nickel, a Euro 20¢, a Malaysian 20¢ and a Canadian $1 (2012, a new one for me).