Monday, June 25, 2012

Although it was a week early, this weekend we celebrated Hazel's 2nd birthday at our house for my side of the family, plus Aunt Jess and Uncle Tim. Meg finished up getting ready with Jess on Saturday while I took the kids to a car show with Tim. The car show was bigger than I expected and even though we met up with the McG's (plus one) Henry didn't want to stay too long. He was having fun, but I think he was a bit worried he'd miss the party.

Here are some pictures from the party.

Hazel with a real cup.

The flower cupcakes Meg made. The flowers were baked pineapples.

Hazel digging in. She cut short her happy birthday song (ala Henry), but cheered up quickly.

Hazel opening gifts with Henry and Meg assisting. She was really good for this part of the festivities. We all delighted in her squealing. Henry was good too.

To conclude the event we went outside to have a water balloon "fight" and run around with squirt guns. Those water balloons sure go fast compared to the time it takes to fill them!

Hazel with Nana and Grandpa. She doesn't look too happy here, but she was and even let Nana hold her for a good while!

By chance Meg found a beer branded "Hazel." She only found one six pack so we kept it to ourselves.

Henry's big brother gift was a set of small Legos. It's Dad Nirvana! A father, his son and a pile of Legos. Henry's wanted to play with them almost non-stop since Saturday. It's fun except sometimes I want to do something else and Henry isn't too obliging. "You created a monster" Meg told me. In this picture Henry took the vehicles in the back are ones I made with instructions and the one in front is Henry's first car. He's gotten even better since Sunday morning.

Henry was a bit over-tired late yesterday afternoon, but overall the weekend was great. Saturday went way too fast for me. I feel like I hardly had time to enjoy the party Meg had organized (fortunately Meg was able to save the sandwiches we thought I ruined!). I can't get over how big she's gotten and how grown up she seems now to me. I'm glad Hazel's birthday will have two weekends of celebrations so Meg, Henry and I can commemorate the event appropriately.