Thursday, March 29, 2012

We've had some ups and downs but we're getting closer to have a fully working tub/shower with no leaks! On Saturday morning I tried to replace the three stems (I think that's the right terminology) for our tub/shower, but was unable to. Three nearby non-chain stores didn't have them. I then tried to put the old stems back in place until our plumber came out, but stripped one and then broke off the cold the shut off valve in the basement. Yikes! We were without hot water for a day and without a working shower for a few days. Our plumber visited us twice. We've got a nice new setup now, but it still leaks slightly. Ugh. I have to see if a new tool from Home Depot helps us out tonight. We're close!

Some better news is I was able to rig up our roof top antenna again (our cable is no more). It is now grabbing successfully all of the Boston digital stations that are over the air and free. It's about twenty channels. The digital tuner in our new TV works so much better than the ten year old stand-alone tuner we had in use before.

This past weekend we also had a great time at Henry's preschool Literacy Breakfast, got Henry a haircut (forced) and had a super crazy dinner at Papa Gino's. Why we persist in trying to go out to dinner right now with the kids I have no idea. Not this weekend, I swear! Take-out only for the next few months!

Henry's had some hard time adapting to his new, very short haircut. He has seemed embarrassed by it. He asked us, "Did the plumber see my new haircut?" and then was very apprehensive about going to school on Tuesday. So much so that (in his words) he "got to go to the Relaxation Station." (sounds like a good place to Meg and I) The assistant teacher and friend consoled him. It looks really cute to us! I hope today's schooling goes much better.

An exciting development with Henry lately has been his extreme interest in crafts. His new favorite show is all about making crafts with kids. It gives him lots of ideas and inspiration. He's been making all sorts of things and even sent out a special picture to Nonnie for her birthday. (He's also been very interested in the mail system ... he's old school!)

What's Hazel up to? Lots of getting in trouble. Right now she's a little twenty-five pound wrecking ball. It might be the teeth, it might her cold, lack of naps, all of that or just that she's very feisty. Today she put on two socks all by herself. She was very proud. I hope she can influence Henry in a positive way.

Meg made us the best waffles ever with her special Belgian sugar and new waffle maker. On Sunday she's participating in her first race in years. It's going to be great to see her out there again.

306 small dollars turned up one Canadian, one religious medal (thanks!) and one mint set dollar (2005D).

6,760 quarters rounded up two silver Washingtons (1944, 1964), thirteen Canadians, one Bermuda 25¢ and four US nickels.

4,050 dimes yielded four silver dimes (1943, 1946, 1962, 1963D), eight Canadians, three US pennies, three UK 5 pence, one Chinese 1 Jiao, one French ½ franc, one Bermuda 10¢, one button and one mystery object. I'm not sure what the last one is. It kind of looks like fake ancient coin to me.

1,880 nickels produced seven Canadians (2 Ni), one Brazil 10¢, one Bermuda 5¢ and one Cayman Islands 10¢.