Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh Canada!

On Tuesday Henry learned about finger prints at his school. Each kid made some prints on a sheet of paper (Henry's looked a bit forced). He thought it was really neat that his "lines" looked different than everyone else's. Could DNA sequencing be next? He also had fun doing the chicken dance.

I did pretty well with last night's coin.

609 small dollars had seven mint set dollars (2002P, 2002D, 2003P, 2004D, 2006P, 2008D) and one Canadian (2009). I was a bit bummed that there were no proofs in there, but that's a fair number of mint set coins.

6,160 quarters turned up one silver Washington (1963D), six Canadian, one Bahamas 25¢, one UK 10 pence (2008), one East Caribbean States 25¢, one US nickel, one Czech 5 Korun and one Fun Spot token. That was a pretty good mix for quarters. The Czech coin is new type for me and the UK 10 pence is a new variety for me! I also found a new modern quarter, the 2011P Vicksburg.

1,750 dimes rounded up one silver Rosie (1961), five Canadians and one US penny.

400 nickels produced nine Canadians (4 Ni).

4,550 pennies turned up two Indian Heads (1904, 1906), twenty-two Wheats, fifty Canadians, one Bermuda 1¢, one South Africa 1¢ (1989), one Newfoundland 1¢ (1943C) and one US dime. About half of these rolls came from the same person and there was lots of good stuff in there. In them I got the two Indian Heads (the first time I've got more than one of these since my forty-one Indian Head hoard), one George V Canadian (1936), the Newfoundland penny and nineteen George VI Canadian pennies. Newfoundland was not part of Canada until 1949 and so produced their own coins. They have really low mintages. This is the first one I've found in a roll. 1,239,732 of this penny were minted.

I normally don't get that excited about George VI pennies, but this is a really large number to turn up. The date breakdown for older Canadian pennies was:

1936, 1940(3), 1941(2), 1942(4), 1943(3), 1944, 1945(2), 1946, 1947 Maple Leaf, 1949, 1951

The South African penny is the first coin from that country that I've found in a roll. Previously I had only found this country as a teller save and a Coin Star reject.

The Wheats ...

1937, 1939, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1946(3), 1947, 1948, 1951(2), 1952, 1952D(2), 1953D, 1955(2), 1956D, 1957D(2), 1958

Found: 3 pennies