Thursday, June 23, 2011

Now That's What I'm Talking About

Yesterday Meg called me at work to say that Hazel just started walking with the play shopping cart we have at home! Here's some video proof.

Here are few pictures we've taken lately.

Henry and I picking strawberries.

The team.

Me and the kids enjoying an awesome Father's Day picnic Meg made in our backyard.

Hazel hanging out, playing with Henry's pajamas.

Henry trying out his new golf bag (he calls it his golf cart). This morning Meg told me that while running around with this he said, "I'm acting crazy again, Mom!"

Last night's coins were really good to me.

600 small dollars and 10 half dollars had nothing.

3,960 quarters turned up one silver Washington (1949), four Canadians, five US nickels and one Bermuda 25¢. That's the first new silver quarter I've found since February. I was quite pleased. It's one of the rarer ones I've found; 9,312,000 were minted.

4,400 dimes produced three silver Rosies (1952D, 1957, 1960D), eight Canadians (including a 1917, 92.5% silver), one US penny and one Bermuda 10¢. The 1917 Canadian dime is the first George V coin I've found in some time. It's the oldest Canadian dime, oldest Canadian coin and 8th oldest foreign coin I've found. Fortunately I can just make out the date if I hold coin at a certain angle close to a lamp.

1,800 nickels had just one War Time (1945P) and two Canadians.

4,850 pennies yielded one proof penny (1963), thirty-one Wheats, thirty-two Canadians and two US dimes.

1929, 1936, 1937, 1940(3), 1942(2), 1942D, 1944(3), 1944D, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1950S, 1951D, 1952, 1953, 1955(2), 1956D, 1957(2), 1957D, 1958, 1958D(4)

Found: 2 pennies