Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This morning Hazel pulled herself up on the end table! Perhaps she'll be cruising soon. She sure gets frustrating from not being able to go from room to room as quickly as she wants.

Yesterday Meg took the kids to the doctor. Two sick kids, two doctor visits and two sets of shots! Henry weighed 33+ lbs. and Hazel's at 19+ lbs. Henry's got an ear infection, but seems to be on the mend.

Here's some pictures we took in the past few weeks.

This is my best fort yet. I even gave it lights! Under the blanket and between the frame I laid down some Christmas tree lights (white only, sorry Henry) and hooked them up to an outlet with a switch. It actually was pretty comfy and relaxing inside.

Yesterday I got three calls from three banks saying, "We've got lots of coins. Can you come pick them up?" ... I got to two and will hit the third today.

160 large dollars and 380 small dollars produced one proof dollar (2007S Jefferson), one mint set dollar (1981S) and one Canadian dollar. I was sure hoping the 1981S was the 1981P as that's the only circulation SBA dollar I need.

692 half dollars yielded one 90% silver half (1964D), nine 40% silver halves (1965, 6 x 1967, 1968D, 1969D) and a nice clipped half.

5,320 quarters rounded up two silver Washingtons (1945, 1952D) and four Canadians. The silver quarters were both in the same roll.

2,450 dimes got me six silver dimes (1925, 195?, 1959D, 1960, 1960D), six Canadians (including one 80% silver, 1965), one East Caribbean States 10¢ and one UK 5 pence. It was pretty cool to turn up a new dime. I don't find new Mercury dimes very often!

1,080 nickels brought in three War Times (1943P, 2 x 1944P), one Canadian, two US dimes, one US penny and a Polish 50 Grozy.

Found: 1 penny, 1 quarter