Sunday, March 6, 2011

Poop Me

It wasn't supposed to be, but this weekend was a three day weekend for me. Meg wasn't feeling well on Friday so I took the day off to watch the kids. To get them out of the house I took Henry and Hazel to my sister's house. Henry said, "Dad, Hazel and me go Evan and Liam's house. That makes three of us." While there Henry spelled his name for the very first time (He did it a few more times over the weekend.). There was a lot of fussing going on there so we left in a bit of hurry. In the car Henry asked me, "why Liam not say bye to me?"

On Saturday we took Grandpa to Sturbridge Village for his birthday (quick, but fun) and to a new BBQ restaurant (great food, chaos reigned).

Henry in Kidstory.

Hazel in Kidstory.

The boys at the BBQ restaurant.

On Sunday we saw Evan's pageant at our church, the transfiguration of Jesus. Afterward we all went to my parent's for my father's birthday party.

Evan reading to Henry.

After farting today, instead of saying, "excuse me," when prompted Henry said, "poop me" a couple of times. I'm not sure what that means.

8,000 half dollars produced three 40% silver halves (2 x 1968D, 1969D) and one proof half (1992S).

Found: 4 pennies