Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here's a big bunch of pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Hazels' first time apple picking and a good shot of Meg too.

Henry especially enjoyed the orchard because he was the only one who easily fit under the trees and explore different lanes.

Henry on a big tractor during a recent trip of ours to a farm. I'm not sure if this was a sanctioned activity, but it definitely made him happy for 10 minutes.

Meg, Hazel and a camel.

Henry inside a Peruvian house.

Hazel's Fall look.

This a good picture of a fort Henry made for Hazel and him using pillows, blankets and Hazel's play mat. You can see Hazel's feet coming out the bottom.

Above you can see Hazel's new hair pretty well.


We took a nice walk on a local rail trail. Hazel had this surprise look for most of the journey. I think she wasn't sure what Henry was going to do next.

Henry smiling on the trail.

Henry being goofy with Duck on his head and "making tracks" with play-dough. He's recently told us that Duck is his tiny little brother.

Hazel in the family bumbo! She can sit pretty well in this little chair. She might not get to use it much as Henry has insisted on using it (he doesn't fit too well anymore; as one can imagine!).

Last night I searched a bit of coin.

1,960 quarters yielded six Canadians.

900 dimes had just one Canadian.

560 nickels produced one Buffalo (19??D). It's a bit of bummer that the date is worn off because I don't find too many D mint Buffaloes.

1,100 pennies turned up five Wheats (1940, 1944, 1948, 1957, 1957D), sixteen Canadians and one US dime.

Found: 1 foreign coin (a Philippines 1 Piso)