Sunday, August 1, 2010

2 lbs, 2 inches

This past weekend although we didn't take our camera with us (evidence is slim) we had a good weekend. On Saturday we went to our favorite local farm. There we saw animals (goats and South American turkeys), ate day old strawberry donuts (Henry had a whole one and coated himself with sugar somehow), played on the swings and picked peaches. Meg made a cobbler with the peaches for that evening. The weather was great and it was very relaxing being outside in the morning like that with everyone. On Sunday Henry and I went to church. I didn't make it into the service as I had to watch him in the playroom, but he had a great time as was excited as ever to go to church.

Yesterday Hazel went in for her one month appointment. She gained two pounds and two inches. We thought she was bigger and longer. She's doing great.

I did really well with my coins last week. Every denomination I searched except nickels produced a new US variety.

8,000 half dollars turned up two 90% silver halves (1940, 1942), nineteen 40% silver halves (4 x 1966, 8 x 1967, 8 x 1968D, 3 x 1969D), twenty-eight proof halves (1973S, 1974S, 1982S, 1983S, 3 x 1984S, 3 x 1987S, 2 x 1988S, 1989S, 2 x 1992S, 3 x 1993S, 1996S, 2000S, 3 x 2001S, 3 x 2003S, 2007S, 2009S) and three commemoratives (3 x 1986S Statue of Liberty).

9,040 quarters had one silver Washington (1964D), eight Canadians (1 1968 50% silver), one US nickel, one US dime and three US pennies. In the batch was also a 2010P Yellowstone. I am now just twenty quarters short of one million searched!

3,750 dimes yielded two silver Rosies (1960D, 1964), four Canadians, two US pennies and one Bermuda. In there was also a 2010P.

1,400 nickels produced five Canadians (3 Ni), two US dimes and one Bermuda 5¢. I also got two key date Jeffersons, 2 x 1955.

5,000 pennies turned up twenty-seven Wheats, fifty-five Canadians and eight US dimes. Finally in these pennies I found a 2010P, 2010D and a 2010 Canadian. The Wheats were:

1928, 1930, 1944(2), 1944D, 1945(4), 1946, 1947S, 1950, 1951D, 1952, 1953D(2), 1954D, 1955, 1956D(4), 1957(2), 1957D, 1958D

Found: 3 pennies