Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This weekend despite a nasty summer cold that Henry had was a good one. On Friday we got Indian food with plenty of Henry's favorite, "pink chicken" (tandoori chicken). Then on Saturday we left the house early to go to the local science park. While there we went spent half of our time outside (it was so nice ... for once!). We played at their park, saw a red fox, saw some fish in a pond and then happened upon their polar bear. We've seen her before, but never swimming. After that we went inside. Henry got a bit scared by one of their exhibits, but after that all was fine. He stuck both of his feet (with shoes and socks on) in a big pool of bubble wash. It gave him some pretty cool bubble shoes. This Sunday Henry didn't make church and barely made it through my family's father day celebration. We came home early for an early nap. That seemed to help some despite his continual coughing. Meg me a special meal and gave Henry and I some good bonding time ... watching Wall-E.

My coins weren't so hot. 8,000 halves produced three 90% silver halves (1952D, 2 x 1964) and one 40% silver half (1966).

Found: 5 pennies, 1 nickel, 1 dime and two foreign coins (2 Canadian pennies)