Thursday, January 7, 2010

O Canada

Two days ago I got a call from a bank I haven't been to in a while. They told me they had $600 in halves. I asked who had brought them in. "An older customer," they said. That sounded promising so I told them I'd be in the next day. The rolls seem to be from two sources. Two thirds of them are definitely someone's dump coins as they were rewrapped in bank wrappers. The other third is presumably from the older customer. They were marked "REG" (Regular) and "BICI" (Bicentennial). That's not a particular promising sign. I was looking for "SILVER," but alas there weren't any. Fortunately "REG" to this customer included 40% silver coins. In all 1,200 halves produced thirteen 40% silver halves (4 x 1966, 5 x 1967, 3 x 1968D, 1969D).

1,600 nickels had one dateless Buffalo, one War Time (1942S), five Canadians (2 Ni) and one Mexico $20 (1985). That's another new Mexican variety for me!

2,500 pennies turned up twelve Wheats, five hundred fifty-three Canadians and one US dime. This batch had over 20% Canadian! Yikes. I hope the other bunch from the same bank that I haven't searched yet doesn't produce the same. In this batch was a Wheat I had only found once before, the 1937S. This copy is an upgrade. The Wheats were:

1930, 1937S, 1944, 1944S, 1945(2), 1949D, 1955, 1956, 1957D(3)